Half Price Guitar Lessons

Cancelled lessons are normally made up and paid for rather than skipped and deducted.  Situations do arise however which are handled better by just deducting the lessons altogether with the three most common examples being emergencies, vacations and national holidays.


When vacations and emergencies interfere to an extent that makes their rescheduling impractical, it’s probably better to have the lessons deducted rather than trying to make them up. Although we’re open for lessons on minor holidays such as Presidents’ Day and Columbus Day, it’s automatically assumed students want major national holidays such as New Years, Christmas and Thanksgiving deducted unless we hear otherwise.


“Steve has an effective way of incorporating theory and technique while keeping my son Alejandro engaged and interested both in playing and music in general. Alejandro’s been enrolled at Guitar Instruction of Richardson for almost three years and is still loving the classes and continuing to learn.”

–Maries Rey Hipolito

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