Half Price Guitar Lessons

Lessons are by appointment only so before calling us you should first take a look at your schedule to see where a safe hour every other week on a regular basis might be hiding. Even though we have a lenient cancellation policy, you should try to pick a time that doesn’t knowingly conflict with other activities.

We expect cancellations from just about everyone but if you’ve really picked a good overall time the majority of conflicts will most likely come from unexpected circumstances and schedule changes.

Just in case a student already has the time you want, it’s always a good idea to have another choice in mind to be used temporarily. Currently enrolled students always get first choice on future openings when they occur and we’ll be happy to keep track of your original choice if you have to make do with something else for awhile. Just let us know.

Once we settle on a particular time, that hour is automatically reserved every other week in advance until you need to either change it or call to discontinue. Also as a word of advice, each student should put into place a system for remembering their lessons every other week as reminder calls aren’t usually sent for normally scheduled lessons.


“I’ve been taking from Steve at Guitar Instruction of Richardson and have learned so much. He’s very patient and there’s apparently little that he can’t help you with. Works well with pretty much any playing style. No one in DFW like him.”

–Paul Keller, student

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