Half Price Guitar Lessons

Almost all professional teachers and music stores expect tuition to be paid a full month at a time in advance at the beginning of every month. While our students are welcome to pay monthly if it suits them, we also offer a simpler option of just paying lesson by lesson “as you go” so to speak.

For those that prefer paying for their lessons on a monthly basis, the totals are derived from the actual number of biweekly lessons that occur in each particular month.  Since totals are based on the number of lessons taken rather than having a set cost that’s equal no matter the month, the bill turns out to be a little larger several times a year because a few months contain three biweekly lessons. Each private hour session currently averages around $27 with cash and checks accepted as payment.

“Steve is a patient and positive instructor who provides appropriate levels of teaching for everyone from youths to adults. The teaching displays an appreciation for a wide variety of music and he enjoys teaching songs that the student wants to play. You begin learning songs from the very first lesson which always makes it fun, especially for beginners. Thanks Steve.”

–Bill Alsup, student

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