Half Price Guitar Lessons

Mainstays of our teaching have always been remaining receptive towards all styles of music and paying particular attention to the likes and dislikes of each student. By observing various guitar methods and students who have used them through the years, it appears to us that programs designed around the general idea of having students practice songs they either dislike or don’t have feelings for aren’t usually the methods found at the top of the list when it comes to sparking real interest, creativity or at maximizing chances for lifelong success.

Students who come to us for help who can’t yet play or can play some but at minimal levels, won’t have to sit through unnecessary or lengthy introductory information in order to get started playing. We normally start beginners with popular entry level songs on the very first lesson (real songs one might hear on the radio as opposed to “Old Mac Donald” type songs) after which they’re encouraged to include songs of their own choosing having achieved sufficient progress to play them. Learning to play songs that one actually likes while at the same time working in necessary fundamentals of guitar and music is a fun way of learning and works well for most students. For those with more experience at guitar, a greater emphasis can be placed on theory and technically oriented aspects of playing as needed.


“I really like going to Steve’s lessons and feel I’ve absorbed a wide array of music related knowledge in addition to learning guitar. I’m now able to approach different genres of music properly and implement such things as chords, scales, arpeggios, finger-picking, theory and improvisation as needed.

Guitar Instruction of Richardson has greatly improved my playing as well as my overall knowledge of music. Many thanks.”

–Eddie Yang, student

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