Half Price Guitar Lessons

Many teachers and music stores have decided to adopt the same 24 or 48 hour advance cancellation requirements typically afforded to professionals such as doctors and lawyers although “appointments” for music lessons are noticeably different.

Since guitar lessons are taken more frequently and cost a lot less, they’re naturally going to get cancelled more often than doctor’s appointments when confronted with schedule conflicts. In fact, just about everyone who takes guitar will probably end up with spur of the moment cancellations from time to time. To help avoid possible problems and ensure a system that responds in your favor when you need it, just about everyone should put flexible cancellation policies on their list when shopping for lessons.

With very few exceptions we’ve been able to bend our schedules at Guitar Instruction of Richardson to prevent students from forfeiting lessons or tuition based on how far in advance their conflicts occurred, and that includes allowing students to cancel on the same day as the lesson when necessary. Students should try to provide us with as much advance cancellation notice as possible whatever that amount of time turns out to be but other than that,  normally there’s no preset time period to worry about on the student’s part.

The main drawback for teachers who offer lenient cancellation terms like ourselves and the reason it’s not more common is that in exchange for allowing extra leniency, the make up systems can occasionally get backed up when handling excessive last-minute cancellations which in turn requires extra time and effort by the teachers or stores to get caught up. In order to help reduce the possibility of such backlogs, G.I.R. students who consistently cancel both often and at the last-minute however, may eventually be asked to select a more suitable permanent time.


“Steve is one of the most skilled guitarists I have ever met. Learning from him is a pleasure.”

–Austin Benson, student

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