Half Price Guitar Lessons

“My son began taking lessons when he was eleven. Steve’s wide range of musical knowledge and patient, encouraging instruction has kept my son interested and constantly improving. I’m very impressed with the accomplishments he’s made.”

–Brian Clepper


“I really like going to Steve’s lessons and feel I’ve absorbed a wide array of music related knowledge in addition to learning guitar. I’m now able to approach different genres of music properly and implement such things as chords, scales, arpeggios, finger-picking, theory and improvisation as needed.

Guitar Instruction of Richardson has greatly improved my playing as well as my overall knowledge of music. Many thanks.”

–Eddie Yang, student

“Guitar Instruction of Richardson has the ability to take you where you want to go with the guitar. Steve came highly recommended to me and his knowledge of the instrument and love of music make taking lessons fun. I myself take, my son’s had lessons and now my daughter’s also enrolled. Anyone wanting to improve their guitar skills should give them a try.”

–Jeff Boyd, student

“Steve is an excellent teacher who will teach you everything you need to know to rock. He teaches with an excellent attitude and sense of humor.”

–Colton Coker, student and son of Carrie Gensler

“I wouldn’t have my son take lessons from anyone other than Steve at Guitar Instruction of Richardson. He’s an awesome teacher!”

–Carrie Gensler, mother of Colton Coker

“My son has been a student of Steve’s at Guitar Instruction of Richardson for several years. Steve is a dedicated teacher, encouraging, patient, kind and flexible when it comes to a busy teenager’s schedule. Highly recommended!”

–Margaret Neinast

“I have only been taking lessons for a short while and can already notice a difference in my level of playing. Steve is a great teacher who can adapt to different playing styles as evidenced by the diverse range of music in his repertoire and the many different students he’s helped over the years. His sound instruction should benefit students no matter what their current playing level might be and I look forward to the lessons that lie ahead.”

–David Pannell, student

“Our two sons have been enrolled for several years each. Both of them play guitar beautifully and always look forward to their lessons. We’re very pleased.”

–Linda and Tony Harkleroad

“Our grandson has taken from Steve at Guitar Instruction of Richardson for several years now. We are always amazed at how much he is learning and how enthusiastic he is about having his lessons.

Recently we’ve been reminded as to the value of lessons and practicing when our grandson secured one of only five available openings at Booker T. Washington High School after auditioning on guitar. We’re all very excited to see him embark on an arts magnet program whose alumni include numerous Grammy Award winners.

Steve is a great mentor for anyone who loves music as well as for those in pursuit of music careers.”

–Mary Ann Clepper

“I’ve been taking lessons for about 18 months and they had me playing a song on the very first day. Guitar Instruction of Richardson has me learning at a pace that keeps it interesting and I’m continuing to have so much fun. Steve can help take your playing as far as you want to go. Two thumbs up!”

–Marc Snow, student

“Steve is a patient and positive instructor who provides appropriate levels of teaching for everyone from youths to adults. The teaching displays an appreciation for a wide variety of music and he enjoys teaching songs that the student wants to play. You begin learning songs from the very first lesson which always makes it fun, especially for beginners. Thanks Steve.”

–Bill Alsup, student

“Steve is one of the most skilled guitarists I have ever met. Learning from him is a pleasure.”

–Austin Benson, student

“The quality of instruction my son receives is exceptional. They’re endlessly patient and cater the music selection to my son’s tastes. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to play.”

–Sally Lopez

“A few years ago when our son wanted to play guitar, numerous friends at school recommended Steve. We did and have never regretted it. Steve has a unique gift of making guitar lessons a personal musical journey for each student. He tailors lessons to my son’s choice of music, simplifying when necessary or deftly adding elements to guide his musical progress. The reasonable rates, flexible scheduling and lenient policies are added bonuses.”

–M. Mainelli

“Steve is awesome! He always has me learning really cool music, some that even my parents like.”

–Brian Austin, student and son of Joel and Meg Austin

“Classes at Guitar Instruction of Richardson are really fun for Brian, our teenage son. Steve teaches him all kinds of music, even taking requests from us like John Denver for Brian to play on family vacations. Brian always wants to practice the guitar – – – amazing!”

–Joel and Meg Austin, parents of Brian Austin

“I started lessons with Steve knowing nothing about guitar playing previous to enrolling. The type of instruction I received provided the necessary knowledge and confidence for me to join the music ensemble at my church which I’ve really loved and continue to play with to this day. Thanks for being so patient with me!”

–Daniel Montes, student

“It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial on behalf of Steve whom my son Rory has taken from for several years. Rory’s progress has far exceeded any expectations we had prior to enrolling him as a beginner. Not only does my son voluntarily and eagerly practice on his own, but he’s gained self confidence as well.

Steve imparts his enthusiasm and love of playing onto students and teaches through lessons crafted to the individual. Sensing my son might find graded method books a bit tedious if used exclusively, he engaged and motivated Rory by suggesting he contribute songs of his own choosing as a part of each lesson. By encouraging Rory to become an active part of the teaching process, his interest continues to remain high and consistently looks forward to lessons.

I highly recommend Steve at Guitar Instruction of Richardson and hope others also get the opportunity to experience his contagious passion and love of music first hand.”

–Suzanne Costigan

“I’ve been taking lessons for about two years now and I must say not only have I learned a great deal, but have also had a wonderful time interacting with Steve during classes. In addition to being an excellent teacher, he’s a great person as well.”

–John Poindexter, student

“I’ve been taking from Steve at Guitar Instruction of Richardson and have learned so much. He’s very patient and there’s apparently little that he can’t help you with. Works well with pretty much any playing style. No one in DFW like him.”

–Paul Keller, student

“Lessons with Steve are hands-on individual learning experiences. At first the student learns basic techniques along with easy songs to set the stage for progress as knowledge and abilities grow. My son Frederic really enjoys his lessons, is very comfortable with the teaching style and has made considerable progress since beginning lessons. We look forward to another year.”

–Valerie Chabbert

“Steve has an effective way of incorporating theory and technique while keeping my son Alejandro engaged and interested both in playing and music in general. Alejandro’s been enrolled at Guitar Instruction of Richardson for almost three years and is still loving the classes and continuing to learn.”

–Maries Rey Hipolito

“As a student, I’ve enjoyed the way they make learning fun. I get to learn songs of my choosing, songs that I love and listen to anyway. Every lesson enables me to more fully appreciate not only the guitar, but other instruments as well and music in general.”

–Anthony Angulo, student

“Steve has been teaching my son for three years now and we couldn’t be happier. My son always looks forward to his lessons, loves practicing and entertains my extended family with his playing during holidays. In addition, we’ve also appreciated the fair tuition rates and flexibility Steve’s shown during rescheduling, both of which have helped during the course of Garret’s lessons.”

–Jane Martin

“I’ve taken from three or four places over the years and Guitar Instruction of Richardson is the best. They’re fluent and knowledgeable in a wide variety of styles and have never failed to teach me anything I’ve wanted to learn. Thanks once again for the help.”

–Rick Kebodeaux, student

“My son, Vincent Chang enjoys his lessons greatly. Somehow, Steve always seems to figure out the song my son wants to learn every week which not only brings my son joy, but me joy. He has improved a lot and I am thankful to Steve for the lessons.”

–William Chang

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